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Seeing Beyond “Dangerous” Youth

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


(Español) Galería Prima inaugura “Tres versiones sobre Juan”

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

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ProyectArte Scholarships in the Students’ Own Words

Monday, June 1st, 2009

 Periodically, ProyectArte’s scholarship recipients come to the school outside of their regular class and studio time to help out with additional projects that help the school function, such as organizing our art storage room to cataloging books in the library. On the last such ocassion, several of the current students decided to write a small note for our blog on their perspectives on their ProyectArte experience from since they began their studies in March of this year. Here we share their thoughts on various aspect of their experience, prepared collectively by students Mariano Benedetti, Eugenia Assalone, Luisina Pugliese and Martina Nosetto.

Rapport in the Workshop
From the beginning there has been a strong cohesion and camaraderie among the group that continues to persist. It can be seen in the classes. There is always someone willing to help you by offering constructive comments or suggesting alternative resolutions to a problem. We’ve developed a familiarity within the group; for example, just a few weeks into the program the group started making birthday cakes and cards for each student on their birthdays, with the cards being created by the group to reflect the personality of the person they celebrate. We believe that these surprises and gestures demonstrate the level of attention and awareness we have for each other. 

The Professors
The professors contribute to the warm and familiar climate in the classes. Although they are all different, their varied teaching styles and specialties complement one another and help up develop our works. While respecting our tastes and preferences, they also show us alternative possibilities and provide us with information to encourage us to seek new opportunities. In broadening our artistic endeavors – including new ideas, materials, and ways to use them – we discover new abilities and capacities within ourselves.  

The Creative Process
We come to the workshop knowing some things but willing and ready to get to know materials and techniques we have never before seen or used. To encourage us to develop our full potential, the professors challenge us, trying to guide us towards deeper questioning and understanding. This guidance complements our individual perspective, as well as dramatically widening our horizons. Throughout this process, one of the most important elements is what each individual is able to offer to the others. While this tension between our vision and the input from the teachers and the group often leads to contradictions and difficulties, such a variety of input is almost always eventually helpful, as it breaks monotony and allows us to explore a range of possibilities. In fact, some of us have been quite surprised even in the short time we’ve been here by the works we have produced.

Visiting Artists
For students who wish to pursue a future in the arts, what could be better than an informal talk with distinguished artists with broad experience and a whole body of work? We are very fortunate to have such an opportunity. At ProyectArte we have the opportunity to share such informal talks with outside artists along with other students, graduates, and staff. Our first two visiting artists this year have been with the group Ojo de Pez and Mariano Sapia, who have told us about their work and shared their insights on different artistic visions as well as paths available. These encounters are an imporante influence, and they inspire us and add to our identity as aspiring young artists as well as our conception of art in general.

Pitching In
This happens on the last Saturday of each month. There, we set up materials, post notes on the blog, organize the library, and prepare canvases for painting, amongst other activities.

Authors: Mariano Benedetti, Eugenia Assalone, Luisina Pugliese, and Martina Nosetto.