Studio Faculty Assistant Danny Scherman Reflects Proyectarte students: from North to South and from East to West

BOLETIN NOVIEMBRE - NOTA 1“In March 2009 a new group of eighteen students embarked on their scholarships at ProyectArte, and now the second semester of the three semester program is drawing to a close.
To speak of their paths during this first year is to speak of moments in their personal journeys and their personal discoveries. Therein lie a whole host of potentials which will continue to develop and which, to a greater or lesser extent, will continue to grow and to pave a way for these students in their art. Like anything, but particularly in creative affairs, change and evolution are of the utmost importance.
My role as studio assistant during their classes allows me to experience these processes from an intimate perspective as I help to guide the group on their journeys. And so I come to play with words and to attempt to convey the subtleties of these artistic experiences.
Fortunately from the very outset the group of eighteen students displayed remarkable heterogeneity, a condition they maintained throughout the year.
At the heart of the group, fast and expansive, we have Mariano and Laura.  Mariano, firm in his images, navigated from images evoking childhood, the structure of advertising and most recently, graffiti. Laura, very much contained by the notion of a strong presence, shows diversity both technically and stylistically through painting, line work and the use of objects. From there we move practically into the heart of the action of Camila T.; beginning with symbolism and an interest in the anatomy, she moves towards geometrisation, working with objects, jostling with ready made and sculpture and the occupying of space. Martina explores the depths of her image, allowing for freedom in the process and giving way to error thus, strengthening her interest and her characters, which, along with her inventive ability to orientate them in her compositions, remain the drive behind her creations.
To the East, Mora, gentle and meticulous, conceals within her image a yearning for light. It is a light which experiments with colour and with paint, a light which projects itself into another dimension. Nehuén, devoted to realism, has thrown himself into abstract expressionism, breaking with forms, rethinking the process of creating the image, re-evaluating the form, liberating colour. There appears in one part a naked body; the whole cosmos of Florentina’s art is contained within the figure of the body. She plays with and creates on and around the anatomy; from a drawing heavy with meaning through to the use of colour and the line of pastels and on to charcoal, open form and free hand. For Luisina, it is the stage on which her characters  which gives them life; she investigates the space, proposing content in terms of situation.
To the North, Matías, the eldest of the group, reflects maturity, rendering his image with subtlety, starting with characters which dissipate into the atmosphere, then through landscapes austere and electric, and now he immerses himself in darkness and in the reflections of light in space, themselves a form of abstraction. Soledad’s image is an illustrative one that has discovered her own palette of blues and greens, developing her painting to include scenes of a fantastic nature and images charged with symbolism. Nearby are those who most determinedly defend their own image, their poetry. Karina develops scenes in which the self-contained characters take charge, working from form and drawing strength from color. Antonella, often ironic, at other times naive, draws strength from this duality, discovering in the process the essence of her creations and her imagination. Victoria, decompressing a powerful interior world, legitimizes her image through suggestion, gradually liberating the brushstroke. Eugenia, always learning, connects with color, exploring contrasts, evolving from from uniform colors and grays towards combinations of colours and suggestive images of disturbing characters.
To the West, Jesica is present throughout her powerful images, coming into contact with the materials themselves, painting with her fingers, exploring gestures and materials, the form emerging from the storm. Camila R., influenced by the aesthetics of art nouveau, creates a vibrant image, characterised by strong color, an image of figures suspended in their own feelings, of forms which play freely, thereby balancing the strength of the palette and finding subtlety. Sacha, through experimentation with materials, size and different images, unites with color. From the figurative he throws himself straight into abstraction, refining his palette, adding texture, composing with both rhythm and form. And Cristina, with the landscape as a bastion where there may or may not appear a figure, with rhythmic brushstroke, perfects her use of space, her palette, growing the size and format of her works, working with charcoal and painting with passion.
Standing at this symbolic Southern point, I cross the threshold of a workshop, filled with projections by a group of 18 individuals; united, compassionate and creative.”

Daniel Scherman. Studio Assitant.

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