Art in Action: Preventing and Eradicating Violence Against Women

ProyectArte is launching another artistic intervention to engage the community on an important social issue. Partnering with the Foundation for Studies and Research on Women (FEIM), ProyectArte is excited to announce the project, Art in Action: Preventing and Eradicating Violence Against Women, a large public mural on Dorrego Avenue in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Colegiales.

The design and implementation of the project will be spearheaded by more than a dozen young artists currently enrolled at ProyectArte, who will work under the guidance of renowned contemporary artists. The mural will be composed of four images on four 100-meter walls which visually highlight the need to prevent, eradicate, and punish gender-based violence. Professionals from FEIM will be joined by activists from the National Network of Youth and Adolescents for Sexual and Reproductive Health (REDNAC) in order to lead a series of workshops with the participating artists. FEIM will also collaborate with the artists to ensure that the project’s message remains clear and visually distinct.

Art in Action will help to raise awareness and mobilizing the citizens of Buenos Aires to fight this violation of human rights through artistic expression and innovative interventions in the public space. In this way, the project will also testify to the value of art as a means of community-based aesthetic expression and as a tool for action and social transformation.

This project is not the first of its kind for ProyectArte; in 2009, PA artists painted various murals in the Palermo neighborhood, and in 2010 they created a mural in the Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires exploring the issue of access to water. This latest mural will be introduced to the public on November 25, 2011—the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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