ProyectArte at Fundación OSDE

On Saturday, June 18, the students and graduates of ProyectArte’s Scholarship Program were invited to tour the exhibition, Texan Art: Fields, Neighborhoods, and Borders, sponsored by Fundación OSDE and the Smithsonian Latino Center in Washington, D.C. The exhibition documents various Texan artists’ visions of the fusion of North American and Mexican culture.

Kathy Vargas and Vincet Valdez, distinguished artists whose work is featured in the exhibition, talked with ProyectArte’s young artists about their explorations of border culture and the broader society around them and shared personal accounts of their own careers. Both shared insights form their artistic processes, which seek to build works based around their own real-life experiences along the border.

The collaborative tone of the event made it feel like relaxed discussion among colleagues with shared concerns. Both Kathy and Vincent stressed the importance of seizing opportunities to learn, understand, and build bonds with other artists and cultures to enrich their own creative processes.

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